Start Band with Beginner Student Trumpets

Trumpets are one of the most popular instruments for young players. They have the highest voice in the brass family. It is a 3 valve instrument and played with the right hand on top with the first three fingers resting on the valves. The left hand holds the instrument with the fingers wrapped around the middle of the valves. Buzzing the lips into a mouthpiece creates the sound. The standard student trumpets are in the key of Bb.

Trumpets are available in Clear Lacquer (brass) finish or Bright Silver finish. The most popular finish for beginning students is clear lacquer/brass. Some students do choose bright silver finish. However, it is important to be aware that bright silver finish does require more care. A mouthpiece, case, polishing cloth, valve oil and music stand are included.

Includes FREE Book, Music Stand & Care Kit
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LACQUER FINISH Premium Brand – New $30 per month 

SILVER FINISH Premium Brand – New $35 per month

We have limited quantities of Overhauled and Beginner Return Trumpets available.
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