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Oboes are a double reed instrument. They have 3 types of key systems which include Basic System, Modified and Full Conservatory. The basic system is the standard for student oboes. The basic system does not limit the beginner’s ability to perform in a concert band. However, intermediate and professional players prefer the Modified and Full Conservatory Systems. These systems have additional key work, as a result, can reach greater ranges.

The structure of the keys on an oboe is more compact than that of the clarinet or the flute, and players do not need to press on the holes with their fingers directly, so there is no problem for people with small hands. Arguably, people with small hands even have an advantage when choosing to play an oboe.

Oboes come in 3 parts. They have an upper joint, lower joint and bell. Tenons connect the joints and bell. Student oboes are normally made of plastic. Wood is susceptible to temperature and humidity changes. Plastic, however, is very durable.  Therefore, it is the ideal material for younger beginners.

Wood requires more attention and care. Consequently, wood is a better fit for more advanced players. Whether purchasing an oboe made of plastic or wood, if regular maintenance is followed the body, keys and pads will retain it’s excellent playable condition.

In addition to the free supplies the oboe package include reeds and a case.

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