Start Band with Beginner Orchestra Student Cellos

Cellos are the second largest member of the string family.
Begin Band & Orchestra with a quality cello.

The cello comes in just two pieces; the instrument and the bow. The bow uses horsehair or a synthetic material to vibrate the strings as it is drawn over the instrument. Played in an upright position, the left hand rests on the back of the neck and the right either plucks the strings or holds the bow. The proper measurement ensures the correct size of the cello for the best playing experience.

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Major Brand Student Models
Sizes:  1/2, 3/4, 4/4
Includes fiberglass horsehair bow
& padded carrying bag

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How to measure for Cello Size:

You can achieve a very close approximation using 3 types of measurements.
1. Height of the player
2. Distance from shoulder socket to tip of middle finger (left arm)
3. Distance between tip of index finger and tip of pinky (left hand)

Height of Player Method:
Up to 4′ fits 1/4 Size
4′ – 4’6″ fits 1/2 Size
4’6″ – 5′ fits 3/4 Size
5′ & Up fits 4/4 Size

Arm Length Method:
18″ – 20″ fits 1/4 Size
20″ – 22″ fits 1/2 Size
22″ – 24″ fits 3/4 Size
24″ & Up fits 4/4 Size

Finger Span Method:
3″ – 4″ fits 1/4 Size
4″ – 5″ fits 1/2 Size
5″ – 6″ fits 3/4 Size
6″ & Up fits 4/4

These measurements will provide a general guide. You may end up in two different ranges, depending on the method used. If in doubt, consult your teacher.


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