French Horns

French Horns

Start Band with Beginner Band Student French Horns

French horns can be single horns or double horns. It is most often used as an orchestral and concert band instrument, with its singular tone being employed by composers to achieve specific effects.

The simplest beginner horns are single horns. Younger beginners prefer the horn because of its smaller size, lighter weight and smaller price tag. They are manufactured in the key of F and key of Bb. The single horns provided on our payment plan are F (key of F) horns. Single French horns have 3 valves.

Double French horns are in the key of F/Bb and have 4 valves. A double horn is actually capable of shifting between the key of F and the key of Bb through the use of a fourth valve.

French horns are played with the left hand on top of the instrument with the first three fingers resting on the valves. The right hand should rest against the top portion of the bell. All horns include a mouthpiece and instrument case.

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