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Start Band with Beginner Band Student Drum Kits

In elementary band, there are usually only two percussion instruments played; Bells, Snare Drums and Drum Kits which include both bells & snares. Beginning percussion students usually learn the bells, snare drums and bass drums. Cymbals and other small percussion instruments can be taught as well. Begin Band with a Drum Percussion kit. They usually come with two instruments; a set of bells and a snare drum. When practicing & rehearsing Practice pads are often used to dampen the sound. The kits and bells include drumsticks and mallets along with carrying bags.

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NEW Pearl Snare Drum Kit
with 32 Note Bell Set
$20 per month


Kit Includes:
Snare Drum with Snare Drum stand
Gladstone Practice pad
32 Note Bell Set (2.5 Octaves)
Bell/Practice Pad stand
1 Pair bell mallets
1 Pair drumsticks
Padded Snare Drum Bag with backpack straps and luggage handle with wheels
Carrying Bag for Bells with backpack straps

Pearl Drum Kit; Snare only ~ No Bells
Pearl 32 Note Bell Set; Bells only ~ No Snare Drum
Beginner Return Kit with Bells