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A popular beginner band instrument. Beginner models are usually made of plastic. Plastic bodies are best for beginners, traveling or outside performances. The more advanced models are made of wood. These are generally best for orchestra band and recording. Wood does require more care and attention than the plastic models. Supplied with mouthpiece, ligature and case.

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Bb Clarinets:
These are most popular because of the weight and size.  A widely used member of the Woodwind family they play a critical role in bands and orchestras. The basic Bb is small and easiest to play for young students.
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We have limited quantities of Econo Overhauled & Beginner Return models available.
Plastic Body options
Wood Body options

Bass Clarinets
Pitched in the key of Bb. It has a longer body with curved bell. They play an octave below the soprano Bb clarinet.
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